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Process by which two cells from different parents unite to produce the first cell of a new organism.

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Which of the following are causes of coastal erosion? check all that apply. beach grasses and other plants trap windblown sand. wave action carves away the coastline. groundwater under pressure is forced to earth’s surface. artificial structures stop the natural flow of sand along the coast. underground caves collapse as bedrock is dissolved.
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Florian discovers a rock that is broken into pieces. each piece has several bands. which type of rock does florian predict these pieces will change into when subjected to heat and pressure? igneous magma metamorphic sedimentary
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The tasmanian devil, a marsupial carnivore, is facing extinction due to devil facial tumor disease (dftd) which causes bulging cancerous lumps and lesions to erupt around the face and neck — often causing enough deformation to make seeing or eating difficult. dftd has evolved into a contagious cancer, a trait that is unique among cancers. devil mating behavior involves biting around the head and neck, allowing cells from one individual — especially cells from the crumbly dftd tumors — to be transferred to the wounds or face of a new individual. this marsupial was once found across australia, but sea levels rose, isolating the tasmanian population, while the australian population went extinct. what would be an outcome of genetic isolation that is likely to have impacted the spread of dftd? a) reduced territory puts diseased individuals in greater contact with non-diseased ones. b) inbreeding results in less variation in facial features so the cancer is generally fatal. c) genetic isolation has made it difficult for scientists to develop a vaccine against dftd. d) the lack of genetic variation in the immune system of tasmanian devils minimizes resistance to the disease.
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Which spheres are involved when sedimentary rocks formed from parts of seashells at the bottom of the ocean? a.) biosphere, atmosphere, geosphereb.) geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere c.) geosphere, exosphere, hydrosphered.) hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere
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Process by which two cells from different parents unite to produce the first cell of a new organism....

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