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What will most likely result when the jet stream moves south of north carolina

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In what way are cities microclimates?
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What are the most explosive events that occur on the sun? umbras solar flares solar winds prominences
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1. emigration the movement of people from one place to another 2. immigration a situation in which resources are being used up at a faster rate than they can be replenished 3. migration the leaving of one's homeland to settle in a new place 4. overpopulation the movement of people to a new country 5. sustainable development a situation in which the birth rate is not sufficient to replace the existing population 6. underpopulation the ability to meet current needs without reducing the ability to meet future needs 7. unsustainable development the increase in the population of a city 8. urbanization a situation in which the number of people exceeds the available natural resources in an area
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In 1992, hurricane andrew left a wake of destruction through florida. one victim of the storm was a reptile-breeding facility. over 900 burmese pythons were set free, and today thousands of pythons live in florida. these pythons are an invasive species, or a harmful species not native to the region. 1. what impacts do you think the burmese pythons might have on local ecosystems
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What will most likely result when the jet stream moves south of north carolina...

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