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Alion eats a zebra is an example of which characteristic of life

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What is the answer for the complicated molecules that make up living things usually contain carbon. why is carbon so important in these molecules?
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“in 1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue” is an example of: a)explicit memory b) procedural memory c) semantic memory d)episodic memory
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Drag each description to the correct location on the image. not all descriptions will be used. describe the parts of a comet. the frozen part of the comet the atmosphere of gases and dust formed when the nucleus vaporizes tail made of small, solid dust particles tail made of ions that appears to point away from the comet's orbit
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Producing disposable grocery bags consumes resources. recycling disposable bags is a solution that can recover some of the resources used to make new bags. which of the following behaviors could further refine the solution? a. disposing of bags by burning them b. reusing bags whenever possible c. using bags at once so that they do not break d. using only nonrenewable materials to make new bags subject is environmental science for apex users
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Alion eats a zebra is an example of which characteristic of life...

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