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Which is a feature of most animal cells?

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Which of the following is true for a cell that has a flagellum? it cannot be a part of a multicellular organism. it cannot be a part of the oldest known fossil. it cannot have a cell membrane. it cannot have ribosomes.
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Huang mei lan is a 43-year-old unmarried female who lives alone in a major west coast city. three years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy and follow-up chemotherapy. last month, she experienced a recurrence of cancer in the lymph glands of the affected side. surgery to remove the glands was performed and chemotherapy started. ms. lan has a central line, urinary catheter, and a surgical incision. the nurse finds her huddled in the middle of her hospital bed shivering violently.
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This group of organisms perform the process of ammonifcation. a. herbivores b. decomposers c. carnivores c. plants
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Which is a function performed by stem cells in the skin a. replacing lost skin cells b. making cells for the intestines c. growing new organs d. differentiating into brain cells plz apex
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Which is a feature of most animal cells?...

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