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Only scientists use model true or flase

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Which of the following is most important in making the typical seed more resistant to adverse conditions than the typical spore? a) a different type of sporopollenin b) an internal reservoir of liquid water c) integument(s) d) ability to be dispersed e) waxy cuticle
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Select the situation bellow that would produce a total displacement of zero. a. a trip to the moon and then to mars b. a horse galloping from one end of a field to another c. the criss-crossing path of a bug as it flies from flower to flower d. a round-trip ride to school and back
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Transmission electron microscope are best for viewing a) microorganisms in pond water b) internal organs of a mouse c)internal structures of a cell d) surface features of a specimen
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All individuals have two alleles for a given trait. according to mendel's these alleles are passed down one each from both mother and father.
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Only scientists use model true or flase...

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