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The instructions for making a virus are coded in what part of the virus

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As compared to land surfaces, water bodies tend to have evaporation rates, heat capacity, , and flowing movements or currents. these characteristics together produce more over the ocean as compared to more temperature patterns over the continents. these conditions over the oceans are termed over land conditions are described with the term
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Convert 9.75 millimeters to centimeters. centimeters​
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What is the answer for the complicated molecules that make up living things usually contain carbon. why is carbon so important in these molecules?
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Glucose is a form of sugar found in the blood cells use glucose as a source of energy, but too much or too little can cause serious health issues so, the body uses the hormone insulin to regulate glucose n the blood insulin maintain glucose levels in the blood if blood glucose lovels got very high, what would you expect to see happen to insulin levels?
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The instructions for making a virus are coded in what part of the virus...

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