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NEED HELP ASAP IN A TEST WILL GIVE BRAINLIST To differentiate as a specific type of cell (for example as a muscle cell versus a skin cell), the cell is programmed to destroy the parts of the DNA that it does not need to function correctly.


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Johannesburg kepler, an apprentice of brahe, believed in the heliocentric universe but rejected past astronomers belief in
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In addition to seeds, which of the following characteristics are unique to the seed-producing plants? a) sporopollenin b) lignin present in cell walls c) pollen d) use of air currents as a dispersal agent e) megaphylls
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Fill in the blank with the correct sphere label. a: ⇒ geosphere b: ⇒ biosphere c: ⇒ hydrosphere
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Crinoids, also known as sea lilies, appear to be sea plants but are not plants at all. crinoids are an echinoderm species which uses anchoring structures called holdfasts to attach themselves to the sea floor. crinoids were most abundant in pennsylvania during the mississippian period, which ranged from 375 to 320 million years ago. fossils of the crinoids shows that during most of this time pennsylvania was that provided favorable conditions for crinoid growth. a) glacial terrain b) a dry and sandy plain c) mostly mountain ranges d) covered by warm, shallow seas
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NEED HELP ASAP IN A TEST WILL GIVE BRAINLIST To differentiate as a specific type of cell (for examp...

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