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How compounds , atoms and ions are related?

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Which plains area lies in both the united states and canada? altiplano central canadian shield coastal plains great plains
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The following image is of a diatom. it lives in water and gets food from photosynthesis. it is encased in a hard shell made of something similar to glass or sand . a diatom is a(n) because it has a) multi-celled organism; specialized parts. b) vertebrate; a skeleton. c) insect; an exoskeleton. d) single-called organism; only one cell.
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Rue or false siblings look simila rbecause they each have some traits of their parents.
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Plz ! a scientist wants to produce a cow that makes a particular human protein in it’s milk the desired protein causes blood to clot and can be used to treat hemophilia (a blood clotting disorder). which of the following would be best for the scientist to use? a. genetic crosses. b. cloning. c. selective breeding. d. genetic engineering.
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How compounds , atoms and ions are related?...

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