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Which site is the best for studying ib biology? (or for entire ib program)

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List the advantages and disadavantages of the switch from persistent chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides (such as ddt) to nonpersistent organophosphate pesicides. have the benefits of the switch outweighed the disadvantages? explain.
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Which list is in order from simplest to most complex? a bacteria - virus - plant - protist b protist - bacteria - virus - plant c virus - bacteria - plant - protist d virus - bacteria - protist - plant
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What sentence best supports the statement that hormones are involved in the regulation of homeostasis? a. the hormone erythropoeitin increases the production of red blood cells when oxygen levels are low. b. the hormone oxytocin promotes labor contractions of the uterus during childbirth. c. the hormone melatonin induces sleep and its production is slowed by exposure to light. d. the hormone cortisol suppresses the immune system and is produced when the body is under stress.
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What’s the student’s scientific question
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Which site is the best for studying ib biology? (or for entire ib program)...

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