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Which of the following pairs accurately connects a macromolecule to its monomer ? a. lipids–phosphate groups b. carbohydrates–amino acids c. proteins–nitrogenous bases d. nucleic acids–nucleotides

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The phlogiston theory in the 17th century attempted to explain burning. the theory stated that combustable objects contained a material called phlogiston, a substance without mass, color, odor, etc. after objects burned, the objects were dephlogistonated and were then in their true form. the phlogiston theory was accepted until the 18th century, when lavoisier proved that combustion requires a gas that has mass. phlogiston is considered a) to be scientific knowledge b) not to be scientific knowledge c) to be proven by scientific method d) to be accepted in the modern scientific community
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2. if someone had the list of traits you provided in question 1, do you think he or she would be able to find you in a group of 1000 people? why or why not? if not, what other information encoded in your genes might distinguish you from the others in the group? what are other traits that are encoded for by dna?
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The picture shows a location in india that is very dry and arid. notice the tall mountains in the background; you can find high amounts of vegetation on the other side of the mountains. which statement is most likely true for this area?
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Select all the offspring phenotypes that could be produced from a bbee x bbee cross (shown above). black fur, red eyes black fur, black eyes white fur, black eyes white fur, red eyes re la heller t est hulle elle l aila el answer : b & c b: black fur ,black eyes c: white fur , black eyes
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Which of the following pairs accurately connects a macromolecule to its monomer ? a. lipids–phospha...

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