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Which classes are included in the group tetraapoda

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Ecosystems involve living organisms interacting with non-living things in a productive way; how is photosynthesis an example of this? answer, i will give brainiest to first person to get it right.
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Which system of the body is damaged in a case of paralysis, where movementcannot occur due to an injury to the spinal cord
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Which of the following are the ingredients that go into the plant and are needed for photosynthesis? select all that apply. 1.) soil 2.) seeds 3.) carbon dioxide 4.) minerals 5.) glucose (sugar) 6.) water 7.) light energy (sunlight) 8.) oxygen 9.) air
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Which component in a graph indicates an independent factor? a. y-axis b. x-axis c. scale
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Which classes are included in the group tetraapoda...

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