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Ineed like asap ! i don't know what to do, need the answers before midnight !

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Makes the lipid bilayer of the inner mitochondrial membrane highly permeable to (h+) protons. will this make the body lose or gain weight?
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Match the following terms describing electrical events with the correct phases of the cardiac cycle. the ventricular muscle cells depolarize at the start of this phase. during this phase, na+ entry through the funny channels causes the pacemaker potential of sa nodal cells to gradually become less negative until it reaches threshold. the ventricular muscle cells repolarize right before this phase. the cytosolic concentration of calcium in the contractile cells of the ventricle is highest during this phase. a. isovolumetric relaxation b. ventricular ejection c. isovolumetric contraction d. ventricular filling
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Which of the following describes a negative feedback loop? when the heart rate is too high, the body sends hormones that continually increase the heart rate higher. when a pregnant woman is in labor, the body sends hormones that increase the intensity of contractions, which then increases the secretion of the same hormones. when blood sugar is too low, the body sends hormones that raise blood sugar until it reaches a typical level and hormone secretion slows. when a person is jogging, the body sends hormones that continually decrease the rate of oxygen supply to the legs.
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What is the inability of an individual or a society to achieve a minimum standard of living known as ?
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Ineed like asap ! i don't know what to do, need the answers before midnight !...

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