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Explain how births, deaths, immigration, and emigration affect population size

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In eukaryotes, genetic information is passed to the next generation by processes that include mitosis or meiosis. which of the explanations identifies the correct process and supports the claim that heritable information is passed from one generation to another? a. mitosis, followed by cytokinesis, produces daughter cells that are genetically different from the parent cell, thus insuring variation within the population. b. during mitosis, dna replication occurs twice within the cell cycle to insure a full set of chromosomes within each of the daughter cells produced. c. in asexual reproduction, a single individual is the sole parent and passes copies of its genes to its offspring without the fusion of gametes. d. single-celled organisms can fuse their cells, reproducing asexually through mitosis to form new cells that are not identical to the parent cell.
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Hey me with this one❤❤❤❤ every organism needs food. does a cell also need it? explain very briefly.
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Select the correct answer. tay-sachs disease is caused by a mutation in the hexa gene located on chromosome 15. tay-sachs follows an autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance. with the of the diagram, identify which of the offspring will be an unaffected carrier. a diagram showing the genes of parents who are carriers of tay-sachs disease a. a, b, and c b. b and c c. a and d d. a e. d
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What are 3 part that make up a nucleotide
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Explain how births, deaths, immigration, and emigration affect population size...

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