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The biodiversity of which species is most likely the first one impacted by an oil spill along the coast

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You have been asked to lead a demonstration for the undergraduate microbiology lab course about the uses of negative staining when studying bacteria. a "negative" stain does not stain the bacterial cell itself but stains the space between cells. under magnification, the acidic (negativelycharged) nature of the stain will be repelled by the negatively charged bacterial cell wall and willleave the cell colorless in a stained background. negative stains are used primarily to reveal the presence of negatively charged bacterial capsules; therefore, they are also called capsule stains. encapsulated cells appear to have a halo surrounding them. the negative stain procedure does not require heat fixation, which limits any chances of alteration in bacterial cell shape and size. the bacterial suspension is added to a drop of stain, such as nigrosin or eosin, and drawn across the glass slide using a coverslip. nigrosin staining-not safranin staining-of klebsiella pneumoniae will allow for the visualization of the cell shape and the determination of the presence of a capsule. true/false
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How many species of living things are alive on earth today? more than 1,000,000 none of these answers are correct 100-500 1,000 –500,000 o 500,000 -1,000,000
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What are two ways that harvesting algae from the ocean may benefit human society? how might the harvest of algae negatively impact the ocean communities where that algae grows? how could this be prevented?
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Like modern plants, early photosnythetic organisms used light as the energy source for synthesizing sugar. based on this fact, what substance had to be available to these organisms in the environment of early earth
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The biodiversity of which species is most likely the first one impacted by an oil spill along the co...

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