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Hey guys gues what happend to day and i learned im exited your mums gay

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What poetic form do both montagu's and swift's poems use? a. both frequently use alliterative devices. b. both use quatrains as the stanza form. c. both use a free verse formatd. both use rhyming couplets.
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Imagine that your friend comes to you interested in a career in the photography field but unsure if he wants to be an actual photographer. because of your interest in photography, you agree to mentor and guide your friend as he makes this decision. you suggest that he may want to explore other careers in the art world, like being an art critic, an art historian, an art collector, an art gallery owner, or a philosopher of art (also known as an aesthetician). you know that your friend is detail-oriented and likes making lists and cataloging items. in order to your friend decide what career path to follow, you agree to do some research about each of these career fields. define the career in one sentence. what might a day-in-the-life look like for each of these careers? what two skills will he need to be successful in each of these careers? at the end of the email, suggest the career that you think will be the best fit for him, with his skills in mind.
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What’s the difference between 16th & 17th century as opposed to how theatres are in today’s society?
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Match the description to the word. 1. a long narrative poem-national in scope, heroic in character and action alliteration 2. poet epic 3. pertaining to a formal poem; a meditation upon a serious subject comitatus 4. the repetition of the initial sounds in two or more words of a line of poetry kennings 5. double comparisons or metaphors half-line 6. a relationship between a leader and his retainers elegiac 7. fate hlaford 8. lord scop 9. the basic unit of meter in anglo-saxon poetry wyrd
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Hey guys gues what happend to day and i learned im exited your mums gay...

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