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Unit nine: photography lab questions (plato)
visit photographer gets up close with whales

directions: view the slideshow and read the article. next, answer the questions.

1. explain why austin takes close-up pictures of whales and displays them in life-size?

2. describe the event that occurred between austin and two whales that inspired him to begin the project.

3. discuss why austin initially had difficulties reproducing his photographs to scale.

4. what is the “ten-foot barrier” and what does austin do when he hits this?

5. where did austin choose to first display his project and why?

6. flip through the slideshow. which image do you find most compelling and why? based on what you have learned about photographing animals, what unique challenges do you think austin faced while capturing the image?

visit nature. beauty. gratitude.

1. you have learned that macro photography has to do with photographing things up close, specifically small items or small parts of larger items. schwartzberg talks about time-lapse photography; would this type of photography fit into the macro category based on what you know?

2. explain what schwartzberg says about time-lapse photography and why it never gets old for him.

3. describe the project schwartzberg is working on. what lesson is the elderly man trying to teach?

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Unit nine: photography lab questions (plato)
visit photographer gets up close with whales

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