Advanced Placement (AP)

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1. there are more calories in a single peanut than a 80oz steak

2. oxford university has been around longer than the aztec empire

3. the fax machine was patented in 1843

4. the oldest living organism on earth is a galapagos tortoise named harriet

5. the darker the coffee roast, the less caffeine it contains

6. crocodiles are capable of a process called negligible senescence, and in the right conditions they technically have no limit on their life span

7. the first game of baseball was played with a dried and stitched head of a wombat rather than a ball

8. there are crystals in your head, and if you knock them loose, you can become dizzy or ill

9. oreo cookies predate chocolate chip cookies by over 25 years

10. more of the empire state building in new york city is below ground than above ground.

11. the national animal of scotland is the unicorn

12. abraham lincoln and albert einstein was alive at the same time. their lives overlapped by 14 years.

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True or false quiz no cheating

1. there are more calories in a single peanut than a 80oz...

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